The VWH Hunt Ride at Eastcourt

Thank you to everyone that supported our first VWH Ride, particularly the land owners and volunteers; without their generous support it would not have been possible. Plans are already under way of how to build on this success and improve in future years!

To watch the ride, please click here

An Evening with Tom McEwen 3rd November

An Evening with Tom McEwen 3rd November

An Evening with Tom McEwen at Kilkenny Barn at 7pm on 3rd November

We are delighted to invite you to spend ‘An Evening with Tom McEwen.’ It was with great excitement that we all watched his incredible performances at the Tokyo Olympics and now we have the opportunity to hear all about it, first hand from Tom.

Tom will take the stage with his friend Spencer Sturmey, who will host the evening. Expect a lot of laughs and some great stories, and feel free to pose a question or two if you wish.
The evening will kick off with drinks and canapés, and will be held in the Philips’ beautiful party barn at Kilkenny.

Tom and Spencer have donated their time to this hunt fundraiser so it would be great to see as many of you as possible. Please book your place via the jotform 
£40 pp limited numbers so be quick!
Any queries please call Gabi Sopher 07973 840 101

Terrier, Lurcher & Family Dog Show Sunday 4th July 2021

The VWH Hunt Farmers & Supporters Club
Terrier, Lurcher & Family Dog Show
Sunday 4th July 2021
Gates open Midday with Judging commencing at 1pm
A fabulous fun day out for all the family with trade stands, a bar, plenty to do and see!


Explaining Lockdown To Hounds

Hunting enthusiast, farmer’s daughter and point-to-point jockey Phoebe Taylor, whose fiancée Sam Jones is the whipper-in at the Belvoir, has written a poem which considers what hounds in kennels are thinking about the lack of hunting this season due to lockdown. Thank you Phoebe for allowing us to share this brilliant poem! 

How can one tell a hound that “Lockdown 3” has come around?
At first in March lockdown one, all our hunting practically done.
And to the hounds we must try to explain, why from hunting we must refrain.
Hounds overheard in the kennels today: “Hope we go hunting soon” they say.
The weather seems fine, not overly warm, but definitely nothing too different from norm. 
We’ve hunted in worse weather before, but sometimes wait an hour for the ground to thaw.
The huntsman seems in not too bad a mood, but why we can’t go hunting he doesn’t allude.
The whipper-in is present and correct, we haven’t been hunting so he hasn’t been decked!
The horses they stand in their stables all day, they are having no fun either, we hear them neigh!
Us doghounds we spy on all of the bitches to see if they’re hiding some terrible itches!
When we ask them about it they simply shout: “It’s your fault that none of us can go out!”
They think they heard coughing from our yard and that’s the reason from hunting we’re barred!
So many times we’ve tried to reply, to tell them that’s all a terrible lie.
But being women, they never hear, and begin to cry and let out a tear.
Honestly, we’re driving each other round the bend, if hunting doesn’t start soon the season will end.
I’m not even sure if Christmas has been, so little tinsel this year we have seen. 
What happened to this year’s Boxing Day meet, when all of those people turn up on their feet?
For it’s not just all the days hunting we’ve missed, we love being stroked and cuddled and kissed.
Every morning we set off on exercise, which isn’t as much fun in anyone’s eyes.
Why can’t they simply just jump on a horse, so we can all go and draw Poodle Gorse? 
But now we come to think of it, maybe it’s not we who are unfit... 
The humans they do seem a little bit cross, and more grumpy than usual, especially the boss!
But then a visiting bitch named Iris, she told us about this terrible virus
That’s spreading in humans it sounds very bad, lots of them are dying, which is awfully sad.
And now we are not cross at all, just hope they are all vaccinated before the fall.
Now we know that coronavirus is the reason why, that for now, we cannot cross fields in full cry.

From the archive - Tatler Bystander

From the archive - Tatler Bystander

The Vale of the White Horse (VWH) held its 150th anniversary meet at the Gloucestershire home of Earl and Countess St Aldwyn. Mickey St Aldwyn, dispensing hospitality with trays of port, was also celebrating his birthday while his brother, the Hon David Hicks Beach, was being congratulated on his engagement to neighbour Kate Henriques. Known as the Very Welcoming Hunt, it is one of the friendliest and most fun packs due to its completely unstuffy and sympathetic Masters, John Phillips, Bill Reid and Norman Thomas.

Read the full article HERE.

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Peterborough Champion

Lycetts Festival of Hunting 2019
The V.W.H had a red letter day at Peterborough this week, with Footpad winning the unentered dog hound championship and the amazing Jacob taking the much coveted dog hound championship. We have now won 8 Peterborough Championships which is  an amazing achievement!

Hound Hydrotherapy

Hound Hydrotherapy

One of our hounds, VWH Folklore, has become lame on one back leg, so he is currently on a course of hydrotherapy. Thank you Aqua Canine Hydrotherapy at Lechlade K9 Centre, for the treatments.

Photo by Daniel Hague Photography

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