Peterborough Champion

Lycetts Festival of Hunting 2019
The V.W.H had a red letter day at Peterborough this week, with Footpad winning the unentered dog hound championship and the amazing Jacob taking the much coveted dog hound championship. We have now won 8 Peterborough Championships which is  an amazing achievement!

We are incredibly lucky to have such a great team in kennels who produce our hounds so beautifully, thanks to Philip, Chris, Mark and George for all of their hard work.
Winning 8 Peterborough Championships shows the great quality of hounds that we have in the V.W.H kennels and for this we must thank our wonderful hound breeder Martin Scott.
Thanks also to our dedicated band of puppy walkers who do such a fantastic job bringing on their young charges. Huge congratulations to Zoe Trousdale for walking Jacob; she now joins that elite group who can claim to have “walked a Peterborough Champion”.
Our picnic was truly brilliant and looked sensational; Lottie and Chantelle are now very adept at producing a feast out of the back of a van! Thank you to everybody who contributed to our spectacular picnic.
One of the highlights of the day was the Young Handler Class. We were well represented by Robbie Winter and Teddy Street, the boys did an absolutely brilliant job, showing their hounds off quite beautifully. The V.W.H should be so proud of these two boys.
Thank you to everyone who made the effort to come and support us on such a memorable day.
Best couple of unentered dog hounds
2nd  Footpad, S.G.S
         Forger,    S.G.S
Champion unentered dog hound
Best couple of entered hounds
 2nd  Janitor,  Nigel Bell
          Nomad,  S.G.S
Best two couple of entered hounds
2nd    Hamlet,  Chantelle Avery
           Jacob,    Zoe Trousdale
Dog Hound Championship
Champion, Jacob
3rd.             Nomad
Best two couple of entered bitches
2nd   Jubilant,  The O’Brien Family
          Namesake, S.G.S
           Nocturne, S.G.S
           Notion, S.G.S
Best Brood Bitch
4th    Jubilant
Our final Hound Show this year will be at Honiton on the 1st August, please come and cheer us on.