Who to Contact

If you would like to follow the VWH on either horse or on foot you should contact the secretaries. They can tell you what it will cost and advise you on where to park and who the master is.

What to Wear

All hunt followers try to look as smart as possible at least at the beginning of the day! This to show respect to the people who allow the hunt on their land, so just as you dress smartly to go to an event in someone’s house, we dress smartly to cross their land.

Subscriptions & Caps

There is a charge to come out with the hunt as this is how we generate the income needed to pay staff salaries and care of the horses and hounds.

Days of the Week

The VWH has enough country to go out on four days a week in different areas.

Red Book

Every year a new red book is published and sent free of charge to subscribers and advertisers. It is an exclusive directory of members and service providers and contains all the information about the hunt and its committees.

Preparing a Day

The joint masters prepare each day by visiting farmers in the area where the meet is being held.

Chairman's Message

Our thanks go to all our followers who do so much to make the VWH the friendly hunt it is and whose tireless work fund-raising ensures there are many great events to attend. With this new website we will maximize our ability to run events efficiently and will also be offering our valued Red Book advertisers the chance to feature an online advertisement in the dynamic box on the Home Page. 

Gavin MacEchern
Chairman of the VWH Hunt

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