Joint Hon. Secretaries

Guy and Liza Dibble

01793 762 196

[email protected]

Farmers and Supporters Club

Membership Secretary

Alex Whitaker

07971 064 915

E-mails to Fleur

[email protected]

The Kennels

01285 851232

Joint Masters

Major Alexander Bathurst


[email protected]

Mark Hill

01285 770 28

[email protected]

Sophie Scruton

01666 510 327

[email protected]

Nick Phillips

01451 844 820

[email protected]

Susie Goess-Saurau

01672 512 383

[email protected]

Chairman's Message

Our thanks go to all our followers who do so much to make the VWH the friendly hunt it is and whose tireless work fund-raising ensures there are many great events to attend. With this new website we will maximize our ability to run events efficiently and will also be offering our valued Red Book advertisers the chance to feature an online advertisement in the dynamic box on the Home Page. 

Gavin MacEchern
Chairman of the VWH Hunt

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