Nick Phillips MFH interview

The Hunting Noticeboard ran an interview with our very own Nick Phillips MFH! See the conversation with Aurelia Stephenson in full on The Hunting Noticeboard and also below.

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    THE ZOOM INTERVIEW with Nick Phillips, MFH The VWH

    Nick Phillips has been a very popular Joint Master of The VWH for 5 Seasons. A superb horseman, he’s ridden an impressive 49 Point-to-point / Hunter Chase Winners, with highlights being 3rd place in the Foxhunters at Cheltenham in 2018, and winning on his homebred, Cousin Pete, The HSBS Race at the Hunter Chase Evening Meeting at Cheltenham in 2016. A day behind Nick, following the prestigious VWH hounds, guarantees to get your heart rate up!!

    1. How did you get into hunting?
    My father was MFH of the VWH and I loved following him on my
    palomino pony, Custard, who would only jump if hounds were

    2. Describe your top “Red Letter” day….
    Hunting across the farm here at Kilkenny, 2nd horses and a 3
    o’clock trail, not much to worry about other than the hounds, as the
    friends that are left generally know where they’re going. Any day
    not in charge, when there is good scent!!

    3. What’s in your hip flask?
    Percy Special – Whisky and Cherry Brandy

    4. Your Top Tip for Buying a Hunter?
    Try it hunting, looks aren’t always everything but it must have scope
    and some speed.

    5. What would you not go hunting without? (e.g gloves, lucky stock
    pin, hipflask etc).
    My father’s hunting crop… it can tell a tale or two..

    6. What would you tell your 14 yo self?
    Kick on but don’t piss off the field master! Listen for the hounds…

    7. What do you like doing off the hunting field?
    Stalking, shooting, point to pointing – any outdoor sport that gets the
    heart going.

    8. Are you a morning or evening person?

    9. 4 famous people you would invite to dinner?
    David Attenbrough, Willie Carson, Ian Botham, Donald Trump

    10. Do you jump gates or open them out hunting?
    It depends - if hounds are running then yes; if there’s someone to
    open it and hounds aren’t running then no.

    11. If you could go to any country in the world what would it be?
    Galapagus Islands,

    12. The last series or film you watched?
    This is us on Netflix

    Many thanks to Daniel Hague for this fabulous photograph of Nick Phillips in action, leading The VWH Field.
    • Nick's a supreme horseman who gives us a great time out on a Saturday. VWH is lucky to have such a superb team of Masters
    • Thank you John! aside form the fact that i normally see you out on a wednesday when more often that not i fall off!!
    • If you ever get the chance to hunt with Nick, grab it with all hands...and hold on tight! An opportunity not to be missed ??