Monday May - The Reluctant Racehorse by Ro Collingborn

Monday May - The Reluctant Racehorse - By Ro Collingborn

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Monday May is a spirited, chestnut mare, born to be
a racehorse. Having taught herself how to kick, rear
and bite, she is determined not to be broken in, and
do everything herself without the help of humans,
preferring to win a race without a jockey.
She is soon sent off for “re-training” but never loses
her high opinion of herself and her wonderful abilities.
As the book progresses, she gets nearer and
nearer to the “meat man” until there is an unexpected
This book is suitable for adults as well as children.
Written in a humorous fashion, it tells how in today’s
world, there is still much ill-treatment of horses, often
through ignorance, not intent.
“Monday May is an addictive novel and a must-read
for anyone who loves horses. I wouldn’t want to ride
her, but I couldn’t put it down.”
Charlie Deutsch – Jockey.
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Monday May
142 Pages
Published 30th November 2022
Available Worldwide